Monday, March 12, 2012

Savandurga.... The Fort of Deaths

Savanadurga is a magnificecent monolithic natural rock that has eroded to form a hill, in the Magadi Forest Range less than 50Km from Bengaluru. It is a beautiful beast among all the rocky hills of this region, and very challenging too. Savanadurga was known as Savandi during the time of Hoysalas and is home to an ancient fortress, a Nandi and a couple of Temples. The highest point of this hill houses the Nandi mantap.

There are 2 major hills, Karigudda(Black hill) and Biligudda(The white ones). The former is the most challenging one to scale, since the route is full of thorny bushes, slippery rockes, cave formations and high possibility of wild animal sightings(elephants, leopards, wild-buffaloes, tiger, etc..). During the monsoon Karigudda is the home for some of the most rarest species of flora. A few pics of the gaint can be seen below.

Courtesy: The Classic Trekkers group - Utthej, Abhijith R S, Gopal, Dinesh, Sanjeev, Abhijith L N, Pramod, Muthu, Vinay.

        The Bili Gudda with the Nandi mantap at its peak.
 The gang doing the Hard work.... :-)
The steps carved on Raw-stone...

Those branches are full of thorns...!!!

 This is wat it looks like in the end....
 The view of Biligudda from Karigudda...

 The Gang rejoicing at the peak...

Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Temple from the peak..

 The temple art... meets the camera's eyes...!!

Manchanabele Dam, 12 Km from Savanadurga....

The Dam Techno-llogy... The gates...

Hope u nzaayed the pics.... Pick a Sunday and rush to the Rocks... !!!


  1. Hey dude.. i went there abut 4 years ago and took a wrong route while climbing up... man it was scary...

    1. it is scary bro.... if not for the direction marks on the rocks..!!!


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