Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Green Alps - Kudremukha Peak

The Kudremukha Peak is one of the 5 highest points of Karnataka. The trail shown in the photos below cover the following ranges - Hirumaraguppe, Tholali and finally the Horse-faced Peak

Nzaay the greens...

Courtesy: Classic Trekkers team led by Utthej Kaje, Ashwath Rao, Gururaj  and Shashank

                                       This is Hirumaraguppe, enroute to the Kudremukha peak.


                                                     This is the majestic Kudremukha Peak

                                                You can film a movie song here. Nothing lesser to a Golf gound

                                                              From the peak............

                                              Tea plantation at Samse, A rare sight in our State

Wanna go there na...


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