Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rivers are born in Heavens... So is our ಕಾveರಿ

Many of us Kannadigas, don't know how lucky we are to have one of the most sacred rivers of India, the Cauvery. This motherly river that quenches the thirst of the whole South India, is born just a few meters within the Karnataka border dividing Kerala, in Talakaveri.

It is also believed that it is the most peaceful flowing major river of India, with the facts that, not much damage has been by floods every year as the other rivers do. 4 major dams have been built across it, along its journey to the sea.

The river is a home to many kinds of amphibians, reptiles and mammals....not the lesser, a life to Farmers. Rice, Sugarcane, Jowar, Vegetables, Mango, Coffee, Ragi, tobacco....and what not. Its so disappointing that the river is a silent one, but not the people at its basins. Since the British left India, one fights another for its share.

The journey of Kaveri takes that of a human life... a blink of an infant at Talakaveri, a crying baby at Bhagamandala, a sweet naughty child at Shivanasamudra, a grown up girl at the KRS and Srirangapatna, and a mature woman from Hogenekal and Mettur, and a traditional lady at Thanjavur and finally joins the Bay of bengal fulfilling all the responsibilities....!!!

Take a look at the heaven where the motherly river was born...Talakaveri

The nest where the infant is born

The priesthood of Talakaveri has a different story. The ancestors of the priests, called Shivalli Brahmins, were brought from Varanasi 1400 years ago by Raja Mayuravarma, to perform rituals in all religious places in and around the region. 6 to 7 centuries later the great saints Madhwacharya, Raghavendra Swamy and Vadiraja were born of this sect of migrated people.

Towards Brahmagiri hills

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