Saturday, October 16, 2010

Being a Software Engineer doesn't mean being a Machine...

This might be my shortest blog....

By this time, all my frnds would have become Software Professionals and begun their (de-)bugging and (re-)building the 0's and 1's..! Building stuff might earn bread and butter, but not anything else. People might argue that we would learn a lot........FOR WHAT???

We would learn something that is outdated for our children and grandchildren. Spreading knowledge among our friends is fine, but the learnt Information is Confidential as per our companies. The final reason for learning would be Self-Satisfaction..... which might completely disappear if the companies started paying lesser. Then what..... we are just the machines that work as per the instructions.

Friends, we are capable to do any job that suffices our needs. But we should also be capable of remainng humans and understand what an algorithm cannot answer. Remember that we still follow our ancesterial policy of 'Work for making a livelihood'......'Passion always is a second option'.... Remember that you are being trusted by many lives of your life.

Please post ur arguments as comments....!!! I think I have to face so many contardictory opinions.


  1. "The winds m8 change,But!!... The stone wont become flower vice verse.... What we face keep on changes... what we experience, changes...
    STILL !! What HUMAN has to feel remains SAME!!!
    The ROBO like HUMAN, is JUST LIKE human!
    The HUMAN like ROBO, is JUST LIKE ROBO !
    BOTH can NEVER play completely as oTHER!!


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