Thursday, July 1, 2010

Out of the Box - Karnataka Temple pics Apart from those shown in TV, Newspapers,Travel Books

Karnataka is the home for some splendid temple architecture void of doubt. The carvings are irreversible and just unimaginable. Most of the pictures shown in TV-channels, magazines, newspapers and text-books include only the most popular pics from these marvellous structures. A complete exploration of these can reveal much more splendidness and can put any human to anxeity.

Here are a few pics from specific places which are rarely photograhed.

1.Hampi: Most of the photos of Hampi include the stone chariot and only a few angles of the temple and the Royal Horse Castle. Look at these apart from the above mentioned ones.

2.Somnathpura: Located in Mysore district, this temple is the height of stone carving and architecture. Most of its photos have the front view of the temple, but a closer view provides details about the minutest carvings.

3.Pattadakallu: This place is one of the World Heritage Sites recognized by the UNESCO. Again splendid rock carvings tells it all.

4. Aihole: This place is also near Pattadakal and is known for rock carvings.

5. Badami Cave temples: If the word 'spectrum' is born, then it should be born from this place, The rock sculptures and the picturesque surroundings has given the actual colours to this place. This is also a world helitage Center built by the Chalukyas. Rarely photographed for public purposes, dont know why??

Splendid ....Isn't it....

6. Talakad Ruins: The Architecture of Talakad temple is really splendid but never appreciated. Even i din get pics anywhere for my requirements. There are wonderful stories behind each and every carving in the temple.

Along with this temple there is another one that was once a huge temple of Lord Vishnu, that had ruptured recently along with its Gopuram and Vimanam. Its stones have been preserved for reconstruction.

Much more to come.... so dont lose track...


  1. Oh MY GOD!!!!!! Mind-blowing maga... Mind-blasting!!! (Russell Peters' style :P ).... really blasted my mind le.. :)

    On a serious note, actually what you have said is true maga, these are remarkable pictures, splendid angles that we fail to notice generally, spectacular architecture that is taken for granted and magnificent weather around the place which makes it amazing tourist destinations. :)

    Cool post, Shastry. Keep it up! :)

  2. the pics and the places are simply superb

  3. really nice :) all these places need is a little more publicity....

  4. Thnks...puneet, sri and deep... more pics to come under this section ...

  5. hey Abhi,
    These are the flowers that smile out of stone.. yes man made.. but off course god gift again... proud to be in INDIA ,love to be part of happiness that arise because of these places...inspired by the classical fever they spark in heart....
    they are symbol of fest in minds...
    they are symbol of talents...
    they are symbol of excellence....
    they are symbol of History..!!!!!
    woooo yeah!! sakat yella sakat....!!

  6. Awesome dude......Somanathpura ond visit madilla..madonante.....!!!

  7. hey hi....thanks for sharing ur feelings ,this weekend i planed to spend with my family in bandipur resorts and also kgudi resorts

  8. hi friends..well written post.keep blogging.planning a trip to br hills resort and also near by place bandipur resorts..its really an awesome place.their sevices and Wildlife Safari really really visit once in your life tome..


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