Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Sea of Milk...Doodhsagar

We always think of the Jog, Abbi, Shimsha and Mekedaatu when it comes to discussing about the waterfalls of our state. There is one more splendid breathtaking waterfall in our state, or very near to our state, The Doodhsagar (The Ocean of Milk).

This waterfall is situated midway between the Londa-Madgoan railway line(which was mentioned in the previous post), and also it lies between Belgaum dist. of Karnataka and Goa.

As the name suggests the waterfall has the shape of milk pouring out of a large vessel into huge depths. The most stunning sight is that the railway-route or bridge passes below the waterfall...!!! It should either be a breathtaking view from a distance or an engineering-marvel or both. Its just unimaginable when you on the train crawling through the waterfall.

It takes an actual trekking experience to walk to the falls or near the railway-bridge. This trek involves travelling through numerous railway tunnels and finally reaching the spot...!! The falls is on the River Mandovi with various folktales decribing the origin of its name.

The previous post had a glimpse of Doodhsagar; here it exposes itself for you.... pls do visit once in ur life...For the fact that India has heavens in its heart...


Do visit this place for Gods sake...!!! That'll be the drive from one's mind... The falls can be viewed closely from any train on the Londa-madgoan route, but thats for a few seconds. Those who wanna trek to the place can drop urselves at the Doodhsagar station from which the falls is about 10 kms.

Note: Pics above, are an integrated collection from the world-wide-web, for the sake of letting my friends know about this place.


  1. once again nice wil definitely go and visit after readin dis info and mind blowin photos....

  2. i ll go thr jst click the beauty of nature :) :)

  3. Aneesh and Sridhar....go on guys, we can have a trip after'll be raining and the falls 'll be filled...

  4. yen gotha....nange falls nodaadg yella aond aase aagathe.. madya hog koorbeku/ nilbeku antha aadre namg yenu aagbaardantepa...... che aadre adu immposible... :) he he huch huch aase....:) :)

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  6. @Abhi ya atleast we trekkers can go der.....we wl enjoy up 2 d mark....who ever wants dey can...but we wl Shastry....

  7. superb dude... wil paln to go ther... wht do u say???

  8. @Aneesh and Shahsi... Shashi is nearer to the we'll have a good trip..

  9. Trekked for 14kms from Castle rock station with a group of 12 frnds last monsoon... it was once in a lifetime experience... Thanks for this compilation :)


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