Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Charmaadi Babes

These are pics of some fantastic natural creations along the Charmaadi Range in the Western Ghats. These pics are collected from over the global-net of Charmaadi Enthusiasts. Enjoy the sight....

1. Etthina Bhuja
That's Etthina Bhuja peak near Shishila

Down below the Etthina Bhuja

2. Amedikallu peak
Amedikallu Peak, the highest among the Charmaadi Peaks

Enroute to Amedikallu peak....

From its foot, Amedikallu peak

3.Ballalarayanadurga Fort

4. Shingani Gudda

Sheengani Gudda just after the rains................!!!!!!!

5.Charmadi ghats enroute Mudigere to Mangalore

These pics are taken from the Mangalore-Mudigere Road

6. Minchukallu Gudda

Minchukallu is on the right side...

6. Balekallu Gudda

7. Erikallu and Kodekallu peaks

Thats enough for now na...... A huge thanks for the real photographers of this stuff, cos you are among those who would drive us to these places....

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  1. Its amazing man....dude v can plane trip wit our clas members.....


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