Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Silent King of Processors - AMD ...Rises again

The microprocessor world has been consistently ruled by Intel and AMD(Advanced Micro Devices) processors since a decade. People say that an Intel chip is a good choice, while AMD chip is a smarter one. Today, the competition between the two has made AMD to come up as a new face, the AMD hexa-core Phenom II X6, with Turbo Core Technology.

AMD has lived through its Kryptonite5, Kryptonite6, Athlon, Duron, Sempron, Athlon 64, Opteron,Turion and Phenom II x4 processors, and has maintained its scalability and efficient power management systems, giving away a kit of all smart technologies. The brand new Phenom II x6 has an edge over Intel regarding the multicore-technology. It provides a highly functional hexa(6)-core chip with 3.6-3.7Ghz clock speed. There is a l3 cache provision of capacity 6Mb...!!! What to say...welcome to the world of multicore computing...!!!

People say that even Intel has a Quad-core, i5 and i7 processors with high performance. Well, whatever be the reason, if you ask your computer operator about which which one would be his choice, the answer is AMD. This wonderful piece if technology has maintained its popularity by not exhibiting itself, but by its technology and performance itself. An Intel machine might showcast itself as a 3.6 Ghz while it gives a part of it in our environment, but an AMD processor gives the full of it a desert or a tundra.

AMD seems to have an edge over Intel in terms of scalability and uniform chipset architecture across all platforms and hence making the Phenom II X6 processors backward compatible with existing AM3 and AM2+ sockets. The other significant advantage is the same power requirements as the existing Phenom II X4 processors.

With a less complicated overclock mechanism, AMD has docked the clock speed of three out of six cores and boosted the clock speed of the remaining three cores with higher input voltage limits to ensure optimized performance under increased workloads.

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